Firearms - Accessories

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Auction Starts: 4:00 PM
Kiko Firearms Auction
Firearms - Accessories
Winchester/Hunting Memorabilia
Advertising - Mounts - Ammo - Bullets - Brass

Absolute Auction. All sells to the highest bidders on location:
340 Mississippi Ave SE North Canton, OH  44720
Directions: Take I-77 south of Akron Oh. Approx. 20 miles to exit #109 or # 109B (Everhard Rd.), then east 1 ½ miles on Everhard Rd. to South Main St., then left and north ½ mile to Mississippi Ave. & right to auction. Watch for KIKO signs……..
Just a heads up, there will be online bidding for this sale. We are currently finishing the auction lot catalog. Once that is complete, we will provide a button link to for registration and pre-bidding. Please check back soon.

RIFLES: Winchester mod. 1890, 22 short, (2) mod. 68, 22 short & 22 mag., mod. 69A, 22 cal., mod. 67, 22 cal., mod. 90, 22 long & 22 short, mod. 75 Target, 22 cal., mod. 1904, 22 cal., mod. 02, 22 cal., mod. 69, 22 cal.- Savage mod. NRA 19 Match, 22 cal.- Ruger mod. Ranch King, 7.62x 39 mm- Carl Gaustaf (Swedish) (2)Mauser, 6.5x 55 mm- Enfield mod. #4 MK1, 303 cal.- Chinese mod. 56 Carbine, 7.62x 54R, mod. 53 Mosin nagant, 7.62x 54R- Russian (2) mod. 44, 7.62x 54R- Thompson Center mod. Contender carbine 223 cal.

SHOTGUNS: Winchester mod. 12, 12 ga.- Remington mod. 870 Express Mag., 12 ga.- Ithaca (3) mod. 37 Featherlight, (2) 16 ga. & 20 ga.- Browning mod. Auto 5, 12 ga.- JC Higgins mod. 101, 16 ga., J Stevens single 12 ga.

HANDGUNS: Harrington & Richards First Model, 38 cal., Second Model, 38 cal.- Smith & Wesson mod. 1 ½, 32 cal., mod. 22A, 22 cal., mod. SV40VE, 40 S&W, First model single shot, 22 cal. (needs work)- Iver Johnson mod. Safety Automatic, 38 cal.- J. Stevens tip up 22 cal. (needs work)- Imperial Arms 32 cal.- Heritage mod. Rough Rider, 45 L Colt- Walther mod. PK380, 380 cal.- Beretta mod. Neos U 22, 22 cal.- German mod. Ortgies, 7.65 cal.- Russian mod. Nagant, 7.62 cal.- CZ mod. 82, 9x18, mod. VZCR70, 7.65 cal.- Russian mod. Makarov, 9 mm- Bulgarian mod. Makarov, 9x18- Starfire mod. 30M, 9mm- Colt mod. Frontier Scout, 22 mag.- Rohm mod. RG 14, 22 cal.- Systeme Brevete 7.65 cal.

WINCHESTER/HUNTING MEMORABILIA & ADVERTISING: Win./Western gallery cloth target – Win/Western gallery reloading tubes – Winchester Advertising, posters inc. 50's Win/Western point of purchase turn to performance display, original art work for magazine adds, Indian adv. posters, rifle barrel twist poster, Win. Moose pic., one of one thousand plaque, win. Celebrity pics inc. John Wayne, factory pics., cowboy and Lone Star comm. die cutout posters, counter top display, mod 71 action adv poster, mod 94 boy scout gun box sleeves, 1938 sales manual, 50's dealer catalogues, 60's decals, counter top display, lighted letter board display, wall clock, win. table cover, Win. flashlights, grease gun, air pump – Other adv. posters inc. Western “The Morning” moose, Ruger, Buffalo Bill, Colt, US shot shells, 1938 Dupont, Liberty bond, Blackglama Fur adv., D-Day 50 years, lg. Terry Clark cutout, etc. - 40's Remington targets –1990's Win, Rem, Browning reference books and magazines - early H&R catalogue – Ducks Unlimited “green head getaway” print – NRA & Win pins and patches – Jr. park rangers badges – hunting licenses inc. 40's thru 80's – duck stamps - 1920's Remington 36 knife display case – Nice 1920's Rin Tin Tin Mascot movie poster - heavy duty airline gun case – Jennings compound bow – stretcher boards – training gun w/ss barrel – many other paper adv. and interesting items not listed

WILDLIFE MOUNTS: 6x6 Elk European mount – black bear shoulder mount - black bear rug – deer shoulder mount w/ hooves – African gems buck and gazelle horns - caribou, whitetail, mule deer racks – mounted pheasant and squirrel lamps.

ACCESSORIES: Dillon square deal reloader (set up for 45 acp)- Lee progressive press (set up for 38 sp.)- Hornady hand book & powder trickler- 45 holster & belt- Western knife- Ammo 7.62x 54R, 303 cal., 40 cal., 7.65 cal., 9 mm, 7.62 Nagant, 45 acp, 45 long Colt, 6.5x 55 mm- 7.62x 39 mm, 32/40 cal., 22 cal., - Coyote call- 38, 45 acp & 45 L Colt brass- Win. mod. 70, 270 barrel- Stevens 22 barrel- Win. 1890 mag. tube- umbrella sword - 4 Ruger Mini 30 clips

LATE ADDITONS:  1984 Colt/Winchester Com. single action revolver/ mod. 1894 rifle, 44/40 cal. (NIB)- Win. mod. 1890, 22 mag. & mod. 67, 22 cal.- 2 Flobart 22 & 32 cal.- J Stevens Olympia C, 22 cal.- Rem. Mod. 700, 30.06 cal. & rolling block, 22 cal.- Stevens mod. 85, 22 cal.- Win. 101, 12 ga.- Riverside Arms single 12 ga.- Sportsman single 410 ga.- Iver Johnson single 20 ga.

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: All FFL terms in affect, 4 PM will start selling accessories followed by firearms at 5 PM. For more information contact John Slagle 330-418-4963 or
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Chattel TermsON SITE TERMS: Cash, check, debit card, Visa or MasterCard with proper ID auction day. 4% buyer’s premium on all sales. Buyer’s premium waived for cash.

ON LINE TERMS: 15% Buyer’s premium to be added to highest bid to establish purchase price. Go to to register for on line bidding and terms.
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Auction Order OfAUCTIONEER/REALTOR: John W. Slagle FFL, ext. 154

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